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Here are some questions you may have about the core programme. You can use the links below or just scroll down for a full understanding. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact me.


What's your core programme?

Who's it for?

Why might we need it?

What would it enable them to do?



How will this fit into our existing graduate programme and how long is the programme?

How do you deliver the programme?

Who delivers it and where?

Could we run it internally?



What makes the programme unique?

What typical modules might it include?

I'm interested. What next?





What's your core programme?

"Be the Business" business development capabilities workshop and coaching programme




Who's it for?

Young business professionals (graduates, interns, students primarily in technical or consulting roles)



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Why might we need it?

If your employees are in business and represent your business, then business development skills, mindsets and capabilities are one of the most important investments you can make. To be able to think, talk, generate, and convert business opportunities either internally or externally will empower your people to make a difference to your business and their own career beyond their day to day work.

The question is, how well are your young professionals doing this? And what's it costing you if they're not?

Your young professionals are no doubt smart and connected, but are they 'business smart' and 'business connected'?

Learning these critical often under-developed skills and removing the blinkers that many people have on their own day to day job is what this programme is about. And since building and refining these vital skills takes time, the time for your business to address this is now.




Mark delivered an outstanding two days of sales training to my technical team. Most of the team have moved ahead with aspects of their learning and it's made a tremendous difference to the way they approach the sales environment, and more importantly how a number of them have taken ownership of their own development. I'd be very happy to personally recommend Mark for delivering great value sales training and development”Pete Short - Technical Sales Manager, Apple, Australia



What would it enable your young professionals to do?

Ultimately it will change the quality of the thoughts, conversations and ideas that your young professionals have with both their external and internal customers and colleagues.

Here are seven reasons for investing in this:

  • to their customers, they are the business. Do they think, talk and act to not just serve but grow your business too?
  • the principals of business apply to them in their career as much as the business itself. They can learn to grow their career and your business in parallel.
  • they can immediately contribute to spotting, creating and connecting business opportunities and improve their ability to do this over time
  • by starting now they can hit the ground running more easily when their BD responsibilities increase. Who doesn't want employees who can bring in more revenue?
  • once exposed to the new world of BD, they may desire to leverage their technical and BD skills by pursuing a new full-time technical BD career path
  • they will be able to understand and collaborate better with your sales teams, account managers, leaders and coaches
  • they can practice building the skills and mindsets with internal customers



How will this fit into our existing graduate programme and how long is the programme?

Once we understand your strategic objectives, how you're already addressing those, and number of participants, we can explore in partnership what the best programme or set of modules might look like. It could be anything from a few bite-sized sessions to a full BD capabilities programme stretching over a number of months. You may want to run an initial simple pilot programme first. The priority is to make the solution fit, and work for you. You can also run the programme internally - click here.



“Mark is an excellent facilitator who took the time to understand my business needs and deliver effective training solutions that contributed to a significant increase in sales and leadership performance"

Mark Bryce - Marketing Manager at AMEX 



How do you deliver the programme?

The programme is fully tailored to your business, both in terms of modules required and method of delivery. Based on your preferences, delivery could involve any of:

  • face to face workshops
  • bite-sized learning and mini group sessions
  • coaching
  • webinars
  • self-evaluations
  • role-plays
  • mobile learning
  • consulting

Note: self-directed and informal learning is strongly encouraged to master the capabilities faster and more purposefully. An optional module on how to self-direct your learning twice as fast can be provided (12 years experience of running programmes of this nature on 'self-directed accelerated learning').


Who delivers it and where?

Mark Moore has designed and will either deliver it directly to your young professionals, or train your trainers to deliver it internally (see next question).


If you are looking for one of the best trainers in the country look no further. I have spent several days in the training rooms of large multi-nationals with Mark and he can handle any situation thrown at him with poise, control and gusto"

Harry C Morgan - Founder of The High Performance Mind


Could we run it internally?

Yes. We can either work directly with your young professionals, or with your internal facilitators, coaches and leaders in a 'train-the-trainer' capacity, licensing out the programme for you to run as often as you like for as many as you like.



What makes the programme unique?

  • to our knowledge, no one in the UK (or globally for that matter) currently runs a specialised BD programme for young 'non-sales' professionals yet an increasing number of 'non-sales' employees are taking on sales/BD responsibilities
  • designed and delivered from a background in 'self-directed accelerated learning' enabling rapid capability acquisition - learning and embedding behaviours in the fastest most effective way possible
  • designed and delivered by a technical turned BD professional
  • tackles mindset - which tends to account for 60-70% of BD performance challenges
  • tackles critical knowledge, skills and behaviours that transfer to other parts of work and life 



What typical modules might it include?

This is just a sample of popular modules for consideration. Once we have both explored the objectives and behaviours important to your business, we can tailor the right modules accordingly.

  • core business principals
  • running your career as a business
  • value triangle (you, your customer, the business)
  • developing desire, commitment, accountability for BD behaviours
  • high-value BD conversations
    • planning them
    • building rapport
    • creating buying-tension
    • tough conversations
    • steering conversations seamlessly
    • steering towards action
  • high-integrity influence: how people buy, think and decide
  • the BD fit between technology and people
  • building a business network on and offline
  • becoming a trusted and respected business asset
  • spotting, creating and broadening opportunities
  • emotional intelligence
  • selling internally vs externally
  • how to learn fast - a major skill in BD
  • your tailored BD learning and action plan
  • BD skills in leadership
  • BD productivity
  • how to be coached on BD

Note, any of these modules (and more) can be delivered to your leaders too, such as 'how to coach on BD'. They can also be split into a basic and more advanced programme. Please ask for details.



"In my personal coaching sessions with Mark over 6 months, he provided not only insightful, practical and effective mentoring but more importantly a consistent level of energy, care, insightfulness and diligence that is unique in my 20 years of experience. Mark is a gifted, unique and highly valuable individual"

Justin Shardey - Senior Manager at KPMG




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  • they can immediately contribute to spotting, creating and connecting business opportunities

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