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This page contains supporting info on how I've helped organisations with performance improvement in:

  • accelerated and self-directed learning
  • self-management and productivity
  • graduate and leadership development
  • sales and business development
  • technical sales

All my work helps individuals to maximise their value and rewards to their business, their customers, their direct manager, colleagues and themselves. I have extensive experience working closely over long term projects with graduates through to senior partners and leaders from top multi-nationals in both the UK and Australia.


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How I Work with Clients

Examples of How I Have Helped Clients

Client Comments and Testimonials

Bio and Info on Mark

The Common Thread




How I Work With Clients

My approach is tailored to the client's requirements but will likely include a mix of:

  • face to face workshops
  • bite-sized learning and mini group sessions
  • coaching
  • webinars
  • phone coaching
  • mobile learning
  • consulting where required

The emphasis is on stripping the 'flab' from the learning process and helping people immediately implement the activities that matter the most, to see results fast, and encourage maximum learning both informally and on the job (learning from experience). This approach can then be supported with more formal learning methods where appropriate.


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Examples of How I Have Helped Clients

 Case Study: Year in Industry and Industrial Placement Program (asked back to run this 3 week program for 5 consecutive years based on results and feedback)

 Example Topics Covered on Development Program


 Case Study: Multinational Consumer Electronics - Australia B2B High Volume Technical Sales Team Performance Improvement

 Case Study: Leading Global Accounting Firm - Australia Business Development Performance Improvement and Creation of BD Culture

Videos of a talk on Increasing Your Learning and Career Performance (a mix of ideas on accelerated learning, productivity and maximising your value to your employer, customers and yourself - delivered in 2010) Note: this is a 'talk' and not a workshop so the style is more directive and less interactive.




Client Comments and Testimonials

Comments from participants and their managers

Client comments following working with me:


On technical sales:

Mark delivered an outstanding two days of sales training to my technical team. Most of the team have moved ahead with aspects of their learning and it's made a tremendous difference to the way they approach the sales environment, and more importantly how a number of them have taken ownership of their own development. I'd be very happy to personally recommend Mark for delivering great value sales training and development”Pete Short - Technical Sales Manager, Apple, Australia


On sales and leadership:

“Mark is an excellent facilitator who took the time to understand my business needs and deliver effective training solutions that contributed to a significant increase in sales and leadership performance"

Mark Bryce - Marketing Manager at AMEX


On BD coaching:

"In my personal coaching sessions with Mark over 6 months, he provided not only insightful, practical and effective mentoring but more importantly a consistent level of energy, care, insightfulness and diligence that is unique in my 20 years of experience. Mark is a gifted, unique and highly valuable individual"

Justin Shardey - Senior Manager at KPMG


On productivity:

"Applying the tools and techniques that Mark has taught me has left me in awe of my own potential. In many cases, I can now get done in 2 hours, tasks that would previously have taken 2 days. Furthermore, my confidence has shot through the roof"

Adrian Griffith - Director, Oval Business Solutions





Bio and Info on Mark

 Bio PDF

About Me on Help People Buy

Linkedin Profile



Old Blog - Taking Charge of Your Career Performance

New Blog - Helping People Buy (for sales and non-sales people)




The Common Thread to My Work

Whether I'm working with graduates, facilitators, sales people or leadership, I follow a common plan of attack:

1. I begin with my client's business objectives, values, and required capabilities

2. Then I help individuals to determine their own values, career objectives, desired results and rewards, and required capabilities to achieve these

3. I then help them take responsibility to better align these with the business and determine where they must maximise value

4. I put emphasis on helping people develop a stronger desire to take charge of their own career, learning and performance in order to earn the results and rewards they desire. They soon realise that to do this, they must continuously maximise their value to their employer, customers, colleagues and themselves.

5. Which leads them to seeking ways to learn fast and equip themselves with the right tools and strategies to maximise their performance as fast, easily and enjoyably as possible.

6. I then support them to do this using my lifetime of experience in 'accelerated' self-directed learning, which can be used for learning knowledge, skills, behaviours and habits.


A self-driven, continuously learning and commited employee is a powerful asset!


This thread has always formed the basis of my approach and since 2010 I leveraged 15 years of sales experience to direct this approach towards sales, technical sales performance, and revenue generation. I've worked in this area with new graduates through to senior partners and leaders in top multi-nationals in both the UK and Australia.



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